Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Great Hope.

Mom is having her first Chemo Treatment today. The First in a long series. I spent the weekend with her and had some great long chats about everything under the sun. I was able to talk to her nurse that will be giving her the first treatment. I had loads of questions and she answered every last one of them. She made us feel so positive and gave us much needed hope. Yesterday Mom and I attended a "Look Good, Feel Better" Class, given by the American Cancer Society. It was all about makeup and wigs. We had a really great time. We giggled and laughed and felt so good seeing others that were in the middle of their Chemo treatments that seemed to feel pretty good. A very enlightening weekend. I can really feel all the prayers being answered. I know the God has a plan. It may not be my plan, but I know that it's a great plan. And I will continue to stay positive now and enjoy every minute that God allows me to have with her. And even with all this on my mind, my creative brain is busy preparing a special ceramic design for Cancer. Something that I can give to these wonderful women that I meet along the way that have been thrown into this strange disease.

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