Saturday, March 31, 2012

Suburban Girl Studio Design Team Challenge

What a Challenge it was! 
When Diana Ptaszynshi asked me to join her design team
 I was hesitation because I don't do designing.
But I gave in. 

  Then........The nightmares began.
 I dreamed of being buried in a pile of broken bead components and finding.
And of being choked by a bracelet with a giant orange flower on it.
And of Diana and the other members of the Bead Team standing over my work table
 and laughing at my bracelet. 
Other than that, everything was fine......

The cute little Ceramic Bead Flower was hand made by Diana.
And she surprised us with an extra twist.....the handmade glass bead by 

Not everything that I pulled together went into the finished piece.
The white seed beads weren't gonna work at all. WHAT was I thinking!

I added in some Swarovski Crystal Beads too.
Yup.......I added them, 
then I dumped the pie tin I was using for a beading "table"
all over my car. Yes, I said my car.
 You see, I thought I would make good use of my time and work on the bracelet
while I was waiting for my daughter to get out of school.
I did fine until my cell phone rang and I reached over the pie tin to answer it,
dumping the entire thing all over. Seed beads and crystal everywhere. 
Oh, I didn't mention the open coffee cup beside me did I. 
Usually I only put cream and sugar in it......not today. :-/

Now remember, I am a Ceramic Bead Artist.
 I am NOT and have never claimed to be a Jewelry designer.
Just wanted to clarify that!  Because now I will start using terminology that might make
 NO sense to you, but it is how I "see" things. 

I thought I had everything I needed. Then I realized I needed something to keep it on my wrist.
Don't laugh, but my first thought was a safety pin. Why, you ask?
Well, because I use them for everything, they are cheap, and they are ALL over my house.
What better way was there?
Then.....another nightmare.......

......I was in a room filled with Jewelry Designers. A beading class I guess.
 Everyone had there fancy bags and suit cases. (remember..MY terminology)
And I came in with a plastic shopping bag from Kroger. :-)
I placed my stash of supplies that I THOUGH I needed onto the table.
You know, the basics, Fishing line and a hammer from my husband. To make the bead strands.
And all the beads.........and my safety pins.
Need I say what their reaction was. 
Now it gets really strange.
I was told by a nice lady (serving the drinks), that what I should use is a Lobster Claw.
Now how in the Hell was a Lobster's claw gonna help me!?!?!? 
And the smell after wearing the bracelet? Well, that just didn't make ANY sense.
THANK GOD....I woke up 

Now I get it.  
Oh, the fishing line? Well, I was informed by Diana, 
what I should REALLY be using. And that I needed some crimp beads?
....I looked it up on Wiki
"Crimp (joining), a deformity in metal used to make a join"
These Jewelry designers really gotta know their Metals in order to find THAT kind.
No way was I going to the Bead Store and asking for Deformed Metal!
Being too embarrassed to ask anyone online, I talked to my Mom -in-Law.
She explained it. :-)

So folks! After a few nightmares, a LOT of learning and playing "52 pick up,"
Today I am resting comfortably.
They tell me that as soon as the nightmares stop, 
they will let me go home.

Please visit Diana's Blog and all the designers in this challenge:


Tanya said...

I love your story. It had me laughing out loud. :). The bracelet is wonderful and definitely worth it. Thank you for sharing.

kristibasket said...

What a great piece and it turned out way better than if someone would have asked me to make ceramics!! :) Beautiful!

Jenny said...

I almost snorted coffee out of my nose. (Cream. No sugar.) And I thought I was being challenged - to work with orange. Ha. You did an excellent job Marla. The bracelet looks good! And they say the twitches and facial tics will stop over time...

Shel said...

I'm with Jennifer - I almost snorted coffee out my nose just now! You're a hoot! I think your bracelet is awesome - I love the textures and it seems, despite your 'mental state', that it'll be the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. Well, once you get your wits about you! LOL!! ;-) So happy to be on the design team with you!!

Unknown said...

UMMMM I totally think this makes you a Jewelry designer! Seems you had all the same nightmares as I think most of us do! I love your bracelet!

Marla James said...

Thank you everyone. My hands are still a bit shaky and I have a slight twitch left, but they released me from that "place," and said to get some rest. :-) I hope I am cully recovered in time for fhe next challenge.

aneri_masi said...

Marla...this made my day :)
And lovely bracelet there!

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