Friday, October 05, 2007

WOW am I busy!!!!

Mom is doing well. She has stopped Chemo. Possibly for good. Her quality of time that she has left is more important at this point I think. She was so ill from the Chemo. She slept all day, couldn't eat, lost weight, etc. Now she is feeling decent and eating and gaining some weight and strength.
I am happy with what ever decision she makes.
As for the Biz. aspect of my life. I have been wandering away from the clay table lately, to work on the FCA website and start the new Ceramic Arts Forum. We have new folks joining FCA and the forum is going well for it's first week. So I have been in front of the computer screen most of the time. Which has been a blast!
Yesterday, I received 2 wholesale orders and need to work on them as well. SOO I am JUST a little swamped!!! Boy could I use an assistant!!!
I get to have a little surgery on Thursday. I have a mass on my thyroid.
Hopefully it is nothing. If it is something, I will take it one day at a time and fight like I've never have before. If my Mom can be strong, so can I.

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