Monday, July 30, 2007

The Cancer Battle

Mom is half way through the Chemo Treatments now. She is frail, unable to eat any solid food,has no hair and doesn't remotely resemble, physically, the Mom I knew. She sleeps most of the time. She has had two blood transfusions in the last 3 weeks because of low blood counts. They tell us this can be normal, because of the high dosage of Chemo that they are giving her.
I continue to try to talk to her about things other than the Cancer. Even though most conversations end up back there. My brother from Florida has taken a family leave and is with her for a few weeks now. This has allowed me to me at home with my family. Not that I am here mentally. I am still focused on her. And how she is doing. And if she will make it through this. I am clinging to ever thread of hope that she will survive this. Yet I have to face the fact that she may not. I know that life will go on. It will just be so very strange without her.
So today, I will take one moment at a time and enjoy every moment I have with her. And try not to worry about the future that I have no control over.


Christine ~ ladybrookdesigns said...

This a very difficult time for you, your Mom, and family...
Know you are thought of & in prayers...and you are never alone.
Sharing pain is hard, but also lets others reach out to you.
Sending hugs, love & comfort.

Kim from Kansas said...

Found your blog from someone else's link. You do nice work!

I feel for you, as my mom has pancreatic cancer and I am living in a different state also. Your posts have comforted me today...Keep up the faith!

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